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Trinkets are one of the sub-collections in The Land of Hypnos, it includes various art airdrops sent to holders.

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A̵ ̴R̷O̷O̶M̸ ̶F̵O̴R̶ ̶S̴L̸E̸E̴P̶I̵N̷G̵l


(Song clip by @NFTMilkHotel on Twitter, the creator of Hypno Records!)

while I sleep, I am charging..

Waiting until my brain simmers and becomes dull.

little fluff scrawling around my walls

their webs are burned and flake off in the winter rain.

and in the end, I only come alive once.

and then I don't remember any

fresh, flesh memories of ever being alive

in the land of hypnos .

I make more than a dent in that glowing landscape, but not by much.

It still follows me, tethered to my temporal lobe, and, while it is in my thrall, what can I do?

I try to go under.

I focus on

only the watermarks of what I have never known.

Lucidness allows me access to things that I have seen but can't remember.


I remember the time you loved me.

this is what it is to be unburied.

Hypnos-Trinkets: Video

(Rare) Dames x Hypnos Owner Reward


This rare Hypnos NFT will be granted to holders of GirlWhoShiver's earliest project Dames & The Land of Hypnos.

Hypnos-Trinkets: Video
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