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The Land of Hypnos Featured Artist #07

Jacob Shedevrs: Welcome

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m Jacob Shedevrs and I’m an artist. I have a complicated relationship with art, that’s what makes it fun, I think.

How would you describe your art?
I don’t think my art needs a description, it is what it is.

What/who are your influences?
I don’t think I have direct influences in making art, but there are certainly some people who influenced me as a person, which, I guess, influenced my art too in some way. Wasn’t really contemporary artists though, but comedians like Norm Macdonald or Bo Burnham who influenced me.

What keeps you going?
The question is, what should stop me from going? The motion is a natural circumstance for artist.

What message do you have for other artists?
Don’t listen to messages from other artists.

Have you ever had reoccuring dreams? If so, give a quick description if you'd like. 
I don’t. I don’t dream a lot. I’m kind of Freudian so I don’t really suppress my thoughts and feelings, so It doesn’t really manifest as dreams that much. That said, I’ve had my fair share of totally unhinged dreams, but I guess that’s pretty universal.

Have you ever had a dream with events you thought happened in waking life?
Definitely. I’m still kinda sure it happened. I don’t remember it tho, I just remember the feeling.

Have you had a nightmare that has stuck with you years later?
Not really, I forget all my dreams so I can welcome the new ones.

Do you believe dreams are more than just thoughts in your brain?
No, but I love Stranger Things.

Jacob Shedevrs: Text

Do you have a favorite piece that you made? Why is it your favorite?

Hard to choose, but I guess it’s gotta be the one I got tattooed on my leg.

Jacob Shedevrs: Image
Jacob Shedevrs: Image
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